Frequently Asked Questions to Electricians

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to see if any pertain to your situation. The information contained in each cause and/or solution is for informational purposes only. Do not use FAQ information as an instructional guide or training aid.

I have reset the breaker but my power is still out, what do I do?

First determine the cause of trip and correct it. In order to reset a breaker in your electrical panel, you must move (push) the breaker firmly to the off position (this resets it) and then push it back to the on position. Most people fail to push the breaker firmly past the off (tripped) position and assume it is reset. If you perform the correct reset procedure and still have no power, call a licensed electrical contractor. Breakers can wear out over time if they are tripped too frequently. If you are not sure what caused it to trip call Houchin Electric.

Why are some outlets/lights working in a room and some are not?

There are many things that can cause this to happen. Possible causes of this are the outlets/lights that work is on a separate circuit than those that do not work. It is also possible an outlet is bad. Some outlets and light switches wear out and simple replacement fixes the problem. You will want to check your electrical panel’s breakers to ensure there are no tripped breakers. If all the breakers are reset and on and you still cannot get power to the outlet and/or light, call a licensed electrician.

A light fixture in my house is flickering, what should I do?

A flickering light could be the symptom of several problems. This should be checked. It could be a loose connection in the circuit. It could also be a problem outside your house especially if all the lights in the house seem to be flickering. In any case like this it’s best to not use the lights and call a licensed electrician to check it out.

How does hiring a licensed electrician protect me?

In order for a licensed electrician to conduct business, they must be completely insured. The electrician must have an active general liability policy, automobile policy, and workman’s compensation if he employs anyone. A license will not be renewed if these insurance policies are not in place.

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